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Blue Gored Skirt – Sewing Pattern Test

I have posted about my first projects using Lekala sewing patterns: the maroon top, the blue fleece top, and the blue velvet blouse. The next project I did was a test for this sewing pattern from Sewist, Lekala’s sister site. When I first saw the gored skirt I wasn’t sure about it. I thought it looked kind of strange with all its different-shaped pieces. But I figured I could always use another skirt, and so I decided to apply for the test. I was accepted, and I got started right away. I started making the skirt in December of 2017. Because it was Christmas time, I was very busy with related activities. I finished this project in January of 2018.

Putting together a gored skirt

Like I mentioned, this skirt has a lot of very different-shaped pieces that fit together. I had to keep track of which pieces went where and which ones to sew first, but it came together quickly. Since I don’t have a serger, I used an overcast stitch on the edges of the seam allowances. I wasn’t satisfied with the coverage, so partway through I decided to switch to a tight zigzag stitch. I like that a lot better, and it’s what I now use exclusively for covering edges.

Tight zigzag on the left and overcast stitch on the right. Quite a difference!

Zipper: Left side or center back?

There was some confusion regarding the placement of the zipper. In the pattern description it said that the skirt had a zipper on the left side, and the instructions also said to sew the zipper in the left side. But looking at the pattern pieces, there is extra seam allowance in the center back seam of the yoke, waistband facing, and the main skirt pieces. There is also a mark on the back as would be for the end of the zipper. Strangely enough, the instructions also said to sew the side seams of the facing before attaching it to the yoke. I figured the left side zipper was a mistake in the instructions. It made sense to put the zipper in the back, and so that’s what I did. This also called for a hook and eye fastener at the top over the zipper.

Ruffle opportunity

Before completing the skirt, I tried it on and discovered it was a bit too short. It was supposed to end at the middle of the kneecap, but it didn’t quite make it. To give it the extra bit of length it needed, I added a 2ΒΌ” ruffle to the bottom. When I saw the result, I felt that the ruffle was a very nice finishing touch. It really changed the look of the hemline, and in a way, the overall skirt. I covered the inside seam allowance for the ruffle with bias tape all the way around.

The finished gored skirt

While I was initially hesitant about this skirt, after making it I’ve changed my mind about it. I’ve decided I really like it! It has a good fit, sitting nicely on my waist, though I think it is a little bit tight at the hip. This is the first time I’ve made or worn a gored skirt, and it has a really nice shape. I find it quite flattering, and the ruffle gives it an extra special touch. I think this is something that I would make again. Perhaps this skirt will be in someone’s Christmas present this year.


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