Coming Back

I notice it’s been nearly a month since my last post. Have I done anything since then? Yes, I have. I know I haven’t been doing anything visible here, and I keep regretting neglecting my projects and my blog. It’s true that I have so many things in the works, but it’s just so hard for me to get everything in order and post consistently.

These past few weeks I’ve been cleaning and organizing here at home, including tidying up the sewing and craft room so I can actually find my projects again. As part of cleaning and organizing, I transplanted all these baby spider plants that were spread out over an entire windowsill among neglected brown ones. It looks so much cleaner and nicer now, and these plants look happier. I hope they take root quickly, and after I find something more appropriate to put them into, I’ll take some of them to different parts of the house. We need more plants around the house.

I also found some drawing books and resources, and I’m collecting supplies so I can get started drawing again. I’m really excited about that. Once again, I just have to find some time to do it. Maybe I’ll take early mornings to work on it.

I was able to take some long-overdue pictures of past projects, so now I can post them in the coming weeks. Hopefully, next week I can get back to working on my projects that have been lying abandoned for so long. I’ll also be posting a new free crochet pattern that I meant to finish in December. Here’s hoping everything goes well!

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