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Green Button Blouse – Lekala Sewing Pattern

When I made the pink button blouse for my older sister, I had my youngest sister model it so I could mark the buttons. It was then that I realized that her measurements are very similar and it would fit her. So after finishing that blouse, I decided to make one for her using the same Lekala pattern. She wanted it to be dark green with light green contrast stitching. She also asked that I do away with the bow details on the sleeves so they wouldn’t be bulky under sweaters.

Remembering how the collar was too low and wide, I first adjusted the pattern to raise it by, I think, an inch and shrink the collar piece to fit. It was a bit better, but it wasn’t enough. As you can see in the pictures, it’s still too low and loose for the style.

The rest of the blouse is nice. It has a nice shape, and the yoke and sleeves add interest, while the topstitching details give it a nice touch.

Because of the loose collar, though, it really takes away from the look of the blouse, which is unfortunate. If it weren’t for that, it would be a really nice blouse.


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