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Pink Blouse with Embroidery

This blouse is another one of my sister’s projects. Several years ago I asked her to make me a blouse for my birthday using the same pattern as my white fitted blouse. I asked that it be pink with a different neckline and short sleeves, and decorated with whatever she thought would look good. I don’t remember if I specifically asked for embroidery on it or if she just decided to do it. Well, I gave her the pattern I got from PatternLab that was made to my measurements, and she made me this blouse.

First off, this blouse is made out of crepe with some thin knit fabric for the lining. It is looser than my white blouse, and we couldn’t figure out why. It was only recently when I was planning my wedding dress that I realized I had two versions of the pattern. One has more ease, and that was the one I gave to my sister for this blouse. However, even though it isn’t as fitted as the other one, it is beautiful. I think the looser fit might actually make it a bit more comfortable.

The neckline is a V shape with this standing collar set into it. If I knew what it was called, I’d write it here, but I don’t. I think the sleeves she did are called flutter sleeves. They are delightfully flowy, and they perfectly match the aesthetic of the blouse. She regretted finishing them with a rolled hem, however. It turned out to be too heavy for the fabric, and so it hangs strangely. So it’s not perfect, but it’s still nice. The blouse opens in the back with an invisible zipper, which is one of my favorite closures. When sewn in properly, it truly is invisible, and the blouse has such a smooth look.

The highlight is definitely the embroidery near the neckline. After getting the embroidery machine for Christmas one year, we hadn’t actually done a lot with it. I love the design she picked for the blouse, as well as the colors. My sister had such good taste in design and colors. I love this blouse she made for me.

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