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Pink Button Blouse – Lekala Sewing Pattern

This is the other blouse I made for my older sister along with the blouse with buttons. When I was looking through the Lekala catalog for a couple of blouses to make for her, I came across this pattern for a button-up blouse. I liked the classic look of the buttons and the shape of the yoke. I also liked the interesting sleeve bow details and the topstitching. So I chose this as one of the blouses.

I decided to make this out of poplin also, but this time a dark pink color. She had no pink clothes, and I thought she needed some more variety in her wardrobe. She disagrees, and she thinks pink doesn’t look good on her, but as someone with an eye for colors and complements–or at least I think so–I have to say it does. So I made it pink. Somehow I think a lighter pink wouldn’t fit her, but the dark pink does. I did all the topstitching details in maroon for a nice contrast.

The style of the shirt is flattering, with the yoke and everything, and the bows on the sleeves are a nice touch. The general fit is good, but the collar doesn’t fit like it’s supposed to. It’s too low in the front and really wide instead of fitting nicely around the neck. Besides that, it looks nice.

That’s about all for this one. Next is the green one I made for my youngest sister and the purple one I made for myself.


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