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Pink Fleece Raglan Blouse

So in my last post when I wrote a bit about my younger sister, I mentioned her creative talents and how she created many beautiful things. I also mentioned how I would share her many creations. This is the first one I’ve decided to share. I believe this was the first article of clothing that she ever made for me. It was a Christmas present a few years ago. I had asked her to make me something modeled after a raglan sweater that I would wear. I don’t remember for certain, but I probably asked her to make it pink and use polar fleece so it would be warm. In addition, I asked that it have some kind of cute trims. This is what I found when I opened up my present that Christmas afternoon.

pink raglan blouse with white bow at collar

The first thing she did was to copy the pieces of the raglan sweater. Not the easiest task, but she did it pretty well. The fit of the blouse is simple, and it’s quite flattering. The only thing that was a bit off, as she told me, was the collar. It was very loose, and she had to take it in more at the shoulders after sewing on the trim.

closeup of lace on cuff of pink blouse

I had given her the basic request, and she took it from there. She made it out of pink polar fleece as I requested, then she added both wide lace and a beaded trim to the cuffs and collar. I love those details, but the best part was the big bow for the front. The design was something that she found online, and she finished it with this “gemstone” trim around the center. It’s definitely the highlight of the whole blouse, and it adds such a perfect feminine touch.

closeup of white ribbon bow on pink blouse

Unfortunately, since the blouse has been through quite a number of washes, the trims don’t look as fresh as they did when I first got it. There is some wear and flaking of the plastic coating on the edges of the “gemstones” and the beads. I’m a little sad I didn’t think to take pictures right away. Even then, the blouse is still beautiful. The warm polar fleece is perfect for cooler days, and it goes well with my purple velvet skirt. Wearing it makes me happy. I loved it when I first saw it, and now it is even more important to me. I’m glad that I have this blouse made with love by my sister’s hands, and I can continue wearing it in her memory.

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