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Purple Button Blouse – Lekala Pattern

Here is another project from before. This one was made in November 2019. After making the pink blouse and the green blouse from this Lekala sewing pattern, I decided to make one for myself.

Once again, I adjusted the pattern for the collar to tighten it and raise it more, after seeing that the modification I did for the green one wasn’t enough. I think this time the collar turned out better. I do like the look of this blouse with the yoke, the ties on the sleeves, and the topstitching details at the seams.

It doesn’t actually have the best fit, though. The sleeves are pretty tight, and they pull when I raise my arms. I also feel it pulling on the shoulders when my arms are down. I’m not sure if that’s just the style of the blouse and how it’s supposed to be, but it is a little uncomfortable. It really restricts the range of motion of my arms. Also, it seems a bit tight at the bust, as it pulls at the buttons when I move sometimes. And are the bust darts supposed to be above the bust line? Probably not.

So it’s a nice-looking blouse, but it’s not one of my favorites because of how tight it is. It’s somewhat reminiscent of the first blouses I made with self-drafted patterns. I wear it occasionally, but I wouldn’t make this again.

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