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Purple Velvet Circle Skirt – Free Pattern

purple velvet circle skirt

Last year when I finally got to making myself a Christmas dress, I decided to use this free circle skirt template and simple bodice from The Littlest Studio. After making it and seeing the skirt, I knew that I had to have more circle skirts in my wardrobe. In February my sister went shopping and brought home a whole lot of purple velvet. When I saw it, I knew I’d found the perfect material for my next circle skirt. However, it seems I’m always spending my time making things for other people, and hardly ever making something for myself. Almost three months later, I finally took the time to make it. It’s now been a few months since I finished it, but I’m only now sharing it because I wasn’t able to take good pictures before.

purple velvet circle skirt showing fullness

This is a really quick project. The most time-consuming part is hemming it, as you can imagine with a full circle skirt. This circle skirt template is absolutely genius! It’s the best thing ever for making a perfect circle skirt. Since it’s a full circle and has no side seams, that makes it super simple to sew.

I like to put a little tag with the wearer’s initial on everything I make for myself and my sisters. Maybe I should look into making tags with my embroidery machine. I don’t have a serger, so I did a tight zigzag stitch over the raw edges of the velvet for a neat finish. For extra strength in the waistband, I put in some elastic. A piece of elastic 4″ smaller than my waist seems to work fine.

I decided to finish the hem with this decorative loopy stitch and a straight stitch above it. I think it looks really nice.

decorative hem of velvet circle skirt

Velvet is so luxurious! What more can I say? And the twirly full skirt? Super fun! I tried to get some pictures twirling the skirt, but they don’t really show it well. Most of them came out blurry. Trust me, though. Velvet is lovely for a twirly skirt, and twirling it is super fun.

twirling circle skirt

My sister also wants a circle skirt made out of velvet. I guess that’ll be next on my list. Unless, of course, she makes it first.


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