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Red Silk Sleeveless Blouse – Lekala

This is the first garment I made for my youngest sister using a Lekala sewing pattern. She needed something new and fancy to wear to Mass, and this blouse is the one she chose. She was a teen, but I just put her measurements into the women’s template and the fit was really good. I made this blouse two and a half years ago in April 2018. It took me three days from start to finish.


I got her this beautiful, shiny, red fabric. I’m calling it a silk fabric, but I don’t know what it really is. It’s smooth and soft and shiny on both sides. In addition to being beautiful, it was a dream to work with. Unlike other similar woven fabrics, it didn’t fray much. It also had more body to it, which made it much easier to cut and work with in general. In the photos you can see just how shiny it is! I also got some of this fabric in blue to make something for myself later.

The sewing part was very straightforward, with smooth princess seams in front and back. The blouse has no sleeves, but it has these little fabric bands that fit into the armscye. The collar was a bit more difficult with the shaping in one place, but it was still pretty straightforward.

This is how it looks in the back. It has a smooth fit, and the center back seam adds flattering shaping.

When I found these beautiful buttons at the craft store, I knew they would be perfect for this blouse. I can see I wasn’t wrong. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to find the perfect buttons for a garment? I had to grab a bunch in other colors too. I know I’ll have something that will need them later on.

Overall, I am very happy with this blouse, and my sister is too. It is very elegant, and I think the choice of fabric and notions made it perfect. The lapel collar is something I had never done before. It really has a nice look. Now I will have to make her some more things from Lekala.

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