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Rhapsody Tee – Crochet Testing

In April of last year, I came across a testing call for this lovely tee by Susanna Biaye of Fosbas Designs. I was thrilled when I was accepted to test for her, and very excited since it also happened to be the first time I ever tested a crochet pattern for a designer. Since I’m posting all my projects on my blog, I figured I’d go ahead and post my crochet pattern test projects, starting with this one.

I really like the look of this tee. I chose to do it in wide pink and white stripes for a nice color effect. The yarn I chose for the trim was thinner than the pink and white, so I used two strands held together. It worked for the pattern and the gauge, but I feel like it made it thicker and stiffer than it ought to be. I was thinking afterwards that it might have worked just using one strand.

The pattern was really nice, and I do think it looks nice on me in the pictures. Thinking honestly, though, it feels a bit bulky and awkward wearing it. That’s why I haven’t actually worn it more than once or twice. Perhaps I’m just not used to wearing non-sweater tops made out of yarn. Likely, the two-strand trim also contributes to the bulky feeling. It certainly looks very big and stands away from the rest of the tee, and not at all like the pattern pictures.

I recently pulled it out of my drawer when I was organizing, and I started to wonder if I would really wear it again. Although the design is lovely, I just feel that my version isn’t a good fit for me. I think I will end up taking it out or maybe modifying it, because the way it is now, I’m not really inclined to wear it again. Please remember, though, this is just my project, and I’m not saying anything bad about the pattern. Be sure to visit Susan’s website or Ravelry page to see the pattern and all the pictures of the other projects made from it and maybe make your own.

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