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Rose Kimono – Crochet Pattern Testing

Shortly after I tested the Rhapsody Tee, I was invited to test another of Susanna Biaye’s patterns. This time it was the Rose Kimono, a lovely wrap vest with a belt. I decided to make my version using this fine blue yarn from my stash, and it goes nicely with my blue skirt. The design is a very simple one, and pretty quick to work up. The vest can be made longer, but I decided to end it around the top of my hip. The belt is a nice touch, and I like having it to keep the vest in place.

The stitch pattern is very elegant with a lacy look. I think this vest goes very well over long-sleeved tops like this one. This was the first time I ever made a garment shaped like this, and I feel like I learned something new about how crochet clothes are made. I have to say, I love this vest, and I was very glad for the opportunity to test it. Susanna is a very talented designer, and I enjoyed being part of the process. Please check out her website or Ravelry page to get the pattern for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

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