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Teal Gathered Skirt with Pockets

When I was looking through my project photos, I found this and realized I hadn’t posted it yet. This is another project from probably 2019. My younger sister and I made this for my older sister. We were looking for a very simple and quick skirt for a last-minute Christmas present. We went with this design which is essentially a rectangle. The shape is actually the same as the knit gathered skirt, except it’s not as full.

If I recall correctly, the waistband for this skirt isn’t separate. I believe we added extra to the top when we cut it, and then we folded it down to encase the elastic. Since we used non-stretch fabric, the waistband circumference had to be larger than the hip measurement. The elastic then cinches in the waist.

To add a little more interest to this otherwise plain skirt, we decided to give it some patch pockets. Besides, it’s always nice to have more clothes with pockets. For a subtle touch of elegance, the top edge is finished with a narrow lace trim.

We weren’t able to model it while sewing it, so we ended up putting the pockets a bit too close together in the front. It would have looked better if they were a bit closer to the side seams.

That’s about all for this skirt. I think it turned out pretty well, considering. And it does go rather nicely with the pink button shirt. We also made a similar skirt for our mother at the same time. If I ever get to take pictures of that, I’ll post it sometime.

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