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Blouse with Buttons – Lekala Sewing Pattern

This blouse with buttons was a project I made back in 2019 as a birthday present for my older sister. I never posted the project on Lekala or wrote about it until now because I hadn’t been able to take pictures until a few days ago. Writing up the projects such a long time after the fact is not a good idea because I kind of forget a lot of the details I saw when making it. But anyway, I’m trying to document all my projects, so I’ll do my best.

So I was looking through the Lekala catalog to find a couple of blouses to make for my sister since she didn’t have many. I wanted to find something that looked relatively quick and simple, since I had a fast-approaching deadline. I also wanted something that looked different and interesting so that all her blouses wouldn’t look the same. This pattern came up, and I decided it looked interesting and simple enough to finish quickly. I also chose a button-up blouse with a yoke to make at the same time.

Sewing the Blouse with Buttons

The fabric I chose for this was a cotton poplin. It was pretty quick to work up, not having as many seams as a fitted blouse. It did have a few extra pieces to sew, though. Layering the pieces in the center front was straightforward enough, but it required some concentration. The sleeves were also somewhat challenging, with figuring out the order to finish edges and hems and where to layer and sew. I only sewed the sleeves together at the bottom edge and where the buttons are. The buttons are just sewn on as a decoration and are not functional. To match the light blue of the center front piece, I did the topstitching on the blouse using light blue thread.

After finishing the blouse with buttons, I thought it looked interesting. I have to say the final result wasn’t quite as nice as I thought it might look. My sister was glad to have another blouse, but she didn’t really care too much for the style. She said it kind of looked like a pajama top. Another element that she absolutely hated was the slit in the sleeves, though I thought that was kind of nice. It was really bright when I took the pictures, and I didn’t notice that the fabric edges weren’t lying flat. When I was looking at the pictures afterwards, my model had long since left. All in all, the blouse was interesting, but I guess it’s not something I’ll be making again.

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